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WAC Call to Artists

Conscious, creative, progressive and forward-thinking musicians and artists are of utmost importance to us.  You are some of the ones that will help move the Global Village closer and closer to the world of peace, justice and harmony that we know is possible.


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We are deeply interested in connecting with and talking to artist and performers whose mission is to help co-create a world that our Ancestors can be proud of, a world, a Global Village that validates and supports women, water and peace. 

Please share your work with us on our  WAC Band/Artist Database Form so that we can consider you for work in our future events.  We want the Global Village to know about artists and musicians that have something of importance and meaning to say.  If that's you, we hope to hear from you soon!  


♦ Make sure you have the following in addition to other basic information available:

  • Band/Artist Contact/Agent info
  • Description of Band/Artist's Message/Presentation
  • Description of Instrumentation
  • Band/Artist links to website, lyrics, music samples, videos

Thank you so much!


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