Men's Work: Challenging Patriarchy in Our Lives - December 11, 2019


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The Men's Work: Challenging Patriarchy in Our Lives open discussion is an opportunity to unload, unpack, observe, unravel, illuminate and interrupt the systemic and personal load of patriarchy on our minds, spirits and bodies. It is an opportunity for vulnerability, validation, listening and learning. It is for everyone.

This is an opportunity to learn, listen and share around how patriarchy affects us all, to gain clarity on how we talk about patriarchy, deepen our vocabulary and understanding. This event is a great opportunity for those seeking new awarenesses and also for those well-versed in this struggle against patriarchy to share, find validation and continue to grow.

We will be prioritizing marginalized voices, exploring the interrelationships of intersectional oppressions and how they relate to patriarchy and sex oppression. Please come with an open mind and for men in particular, be prepared to engage our male privilege(s) and accountability to the outcomes of unearned power

The evening's discussion will be facilitated by Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed. We ask for a donation of $5-$15 for participants. We will be meeting in the Rosa Parks Room. Thank you so much.


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♦ The Democracy Center is a partially accessible venue space. The Center has an access ramp, but it’s bathrooms are not yet fully accessible, though construction is still in the works. An accessible bathroom is located next door at the Daedalus Restaurant. The facilitator, along with the Democracy Center apologizes for this difficult inconvenience. Details are available at the following URL:

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Close up portrait of Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed. sitting on a bench with red and black pattern African shirt on
Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed.

Men's Work: Challenging Patriarchy in Our Lives will be facilitated by Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed. (he/him). Ukumbwa has engaged social justice issues throughout over 25 years of teaching, organizational programs, workshops, consultation and conference presentation. He is committed to assisting men and others see and engage pathways to life in service of human liberation, anti-oppression and empowerment. Contact Ukumbwa at ukumbwa[at]gmail[dot]com. Men’s Work is an initiative of the World Ancestor Concert Team.