More Ways to Get Involved - Join the Global Village!

Thanks so much for your continued interest in the World Ancestor Concert and our related work! Here are a few more and substantial ways of supporting this great event series and the work connected to our theme of Women, Water & Peace.


Submit a personal video to our Ancestral JournalWe'd love for you to shoot a video answering a few questions about your connection to the Ancestors for us to share on our website and Global Media Network. Look for information here and on our Facebook page. Obrigada!

Tell us about musicians and artists that have strong progressive and social justice messagesHelp us find the creative people who are helping to make a real difference in our world, across the Global Village. We are motivated to find out more about them and hopefully be able to share more about them in our Global Media Network or even feature them in our media work or World Ancestor Concert events.  Send us info by email at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com or have them fill out our Artists Information Form available on our Call to Artists page. Xiexie!

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Click image to fill our Artist Information Form.  Thank you!


Visit our Workshops page and let us know of schools, organizations, groups or communities that would be (and those that should be) open to addressing important issues of social change and culture. Let us know what schools or groups you are connected to and concerned about. Send links and information to mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com. Go raibh maith agat!

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Tell us if you know of any forward-thinking and progressive corporations or organizations that might be willing to become an Integrated Sponsor or Donor to substantively support the World Ancestor ConcertWe would be grateful for names of companies and any contacts you may know about in those organizations.  We are excited to share our pitch deck presentation with any seriously interested company representatives in the interest of the on-going production of our unique motivational and healing global-scope event.  Please send information to our WAC production team at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com. Mahadsanid!


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Click image to communicate & Connect with us.


....and if we haven't said it enough.....thank you.  We truly appreciate you not only caring about the World Ancestor Concert and the mission and vision of our work...but about each other, about the Earth and Her sacred waters, about peace, about all the best our Ancestors ever wanted for all of us.


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