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Music is not only the universal language.  It is the carrier of our deepest hopes and dreams, our loves and histories, our clearest aspirations and political and social agitations, our lyrical, rhythmic reporting of news, our vibrant vision of our best futures.

Global Media Music presents new, independent, known and unknown musicians, bands and performers from across the globe, from within the harmonious beauty of the Global Village.


YouTube button image  ARTivist Music Video Lounge - AMC2017 YouTube Video Playlist

  • Playlist created from the ARTivist Music Video Lounge at the Allied Media Conference 2017 in Detroit MI; Lounge facilitation, music videos curated by Paola and Krusheska of Suena a Revolución (see below)


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Suena a Revolución

moja mediaworks Producer, Ukumbwa Sauti, with Paola and Krusheska of Suena a Revolucion, online radio show
Ukumbwa with Paola and Krusheska of
Suena a Revolución, Allied Media
Conference 2017, Detroit MI U$A


♦ Suena a Revolución es un proyecto independiente y autogestionado basado en la producción de podcasts que presentan música y entrevistas de artivistas contemporanexs latinoamericanxs y caribeñxs comprometidxs con el cambio social. Presentamos diversos géneros musicales en español, portugués y otros idiomas con líricas que narran experiencias e historias actuales de las comunidades y pueblos de nuestra América.

[Sounds to Revolution is an independent and self-managed project based on the production of podcasts that present music and interviews of Latin American contemporanexs contemporary artists and Caribbean people committed to social change. We present diverse musical genres in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages with lyrics that narrate experiences and current histories of the communities and peoples of our America.] - Translation through Google Translate with permission of Suena a Revolucion

Suena a Revolución


The Groundbreakers

♦ The Groundbreakers is a radio show on CKUT 90.3 fm featuring groundbreaking artists of “other” origins. Showcasing musical and multimedia cultural pioneers, The Groundbreakers focuses on cross-generational cultural production from the MIDEAST and WORLDWIDE.

Tune in for exclusive artist features, music and culture by “othered” greats! Hosted by Sundus Abdul Hadi / Narcy and special guests. 

The Groundbreakers


KPOO-FM 89.5 

♦ "KPOO gives voice to the concerns of low income communities in San Francisco. Founded by Poor People’s Radio, Inc., KPOO’s ongoing mission has been to open the airwaves to the disenfranchised and underserved. Our station broadcasts news, public meetings, election, live events, interviews, public service announcements and music not heard on any other radio stations. As such, KPOO has continued to have a very loyal listening audience.

KPOO specializes in jazz, reggae, salsa, blues, gospel, and hip hop music. KPOO serves the Bay Area’s Latin community with several bilingual programs a week, and also produces programs concerning Irish Americans, Arab Americans, women issues and Native American concerns. KPOO broadcasts live the weekly meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and non-stop election night coverage. KPOO also uses the airways to educate the community about important issues, including AIDS prevention, health concerns, use of the new technologies, prison affairs, and consumer protection."

KPOO-FM 89.5


Music/Poetry/Arts @ Zithande Africa Foundation

"Laura Mvula (UK)

A fountain full of voices bubbles and sprays at the beginning of Laura Mvula’s startling debut.

It’s a vocal cascade, refreshing, flowing and full — a surprising turn from someone who is ostensibly a soul singer.

“I recorded myself in 12-part harmony,” Mvula explains. “Then I triple-tracked it so there would be 30 or 40 voices on the record at once. They’re all me — except for the lowest ones.”

Together, this vocal rush trumpets a distinct new talent. Mvula’s record, “Sing to the Moon,” simply doesn’t sound like any other disc out there. It may contain common pop elements like soul, jazz, gospel and R&B, but they’re filtered through a fine, classical sensibility. The result? Orchestrated soul."

Visit the link below for more!



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