Global Media Music - English Translation: Suena A Revolucion

♦ Suena a Revolucion

"Suena a Revolucion is an independent and self-managed project based on the production of podcasts that present music and interviews of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean artivists committed to social change. We present diverse musical genres in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages ​​with lyrics that narrate experiences and current histories of the communities and peoples of our America.

Currently the co-producers and collaborators of the project are women. One of our commitments is to manage a diverse, intersectional, feminist space, so that we can continue from our organizing force creating, producing and sharing projects that open possibilities beyond the limitations that women face daily, specifically in the music scene.

We believe in the transforming power of music that invites catharsis, unites forces, reveals community constructions, and channels voices that tell and reinvent history outside the status quo. We want this project to be another force for change, a vehicle of expression and a support network for all social justice initiatives through sound.

All the technological platforms that the project uses are free and the production has been achieved with a minimum of financial investment, a lot of creativity, volunteer work and exchange of talents with other creativxs."

(Translation by Google Translate with permission of Suena A Revolucion)

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