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The moja mediaworks production team has been hard at work for months developing the World Ancestor Concert, an event we feel is profound from the ground up.  We are seeking modest growth funds starting at the minimum donation level of $25 to allow us to build continuing practical foundations, to take care of initial business considerations and aid in the deeper project of securing Integrated Sponsors. Though our total event budget is far above the goals of this campaign, these funds will be pivotal in the process of this unique, premiere event. 


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moja mediaworks is an LLC, not a non-profit organization. Your support is not tax deductible. We will be adding the names of all donors, supporters (first name, last initial, with consent) of this campaign to our website.  We are grateful for any level of support that you can provide.

While our Integrated Sponsor campaign is well under way, this particular campaign will allow us to be more effective in that effort. [Please contact the producers at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com if you are or know someone or a corporation that is interested in sponsoring this event at a more robust level of support for promotional consideration and other benefits.]

We feel strongly that this event is right on time.  Each time we reach out to prospective team members, creatives, artists and advisors, the message we continue to get is "it's time".  Our theme of Women, Water & Peace is undeniably important considering our current social climate and the steady stream of political challenges that seem to dominate our local and global awareness.


Black and white image of a grandmother and three grandchildren
A grandmother with her grandchildren close by shines a light on the multi-generational program of the World Ancestor Concert, illuminating our focus on the lives and struggles of our Elders, the support of our children around the world and the cultures and peoples that are giving voice to our most positive futures.  Click the image to learn more about our WAC Theme: Women, Water & Peace


The funds we raise here are the continuation of funds already invested in the World Ancestor Concert, not just a one-time event, but an on-going process of creating cultural events and educational and organizational opportunities to continue to create the world we know is possible, guided by grounded world traditions, the voices of empowered humanity and growing awareness of the needs of Mother Earth and its sacred waters.

The moja mediaworks team is tremendously grateful for for the opportunity to bring together conscious, aware and forward thinking artists and musicians, social justice organizations and activists and a global audience, a Global Village in a context of a multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-faceted and profound musical and visual program that we are excited to bring to fruition and present as widely as possible.

This is the concert that our world needs right now - 6.9 billion invited.


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Visit our Fundly Campaign page!


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Ukumbwa Sauti,

World Ancestor Concert Producer/Creator,

interviewed by James Milan, ACMI, 2017  (46:54)



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