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moja mediaworks & WAC Team

moja mediaworks llc is assembling an amazing and growing team to create our World Ancestor Concerts, our on-going social justice programming and messaging and merchandising through our World Ancestor Village Marketplace and moja marketplace online stores.  We are proud to be actively and prospectively working and consulting with not only a talented and deeply skilled group of people, but those whose work is of great progressive social value. moja mediaworks is a member of May First/People Link.

moja mediaworks llc was created to:

  • Produce the World Ancestor Concert as an annual global-scope multi-day televised healing and social justice event based in recognition and celebration of the world's Ancestors and traditions illuminating our theme of Women, Water & Peace
    • This mission includes producing smaller satellite concert events with the same themes and focus throughout the year
  • Develop and present social justice programming events integrating progressive arts and music into critical discussions and workshops on numerous key subjects for colleges and the communities they are based in. These programs will be presented and facilitated by moja mediaworks partners and our extended team members.
    • Colonialism, Racism and Resistance
    • Empowerment of Women and Girls; Dismantling Patriarchy, Sexism and Misogyny
    • Social and Relationship/Sexual Safety and Consent
    • Water Sovereignty and Environmental Justice
  • Build and market our online stores selling clothes, drinkware and other products that support our events, social change themes, messaging and designs
    • World Ancestor Village Marketplace - World Ancestor Concert event and theme/content, serving World Ancestor Concert event audiences and supporters
    • moja marketplace - anti-oppression and environmental justice, serving our social justice programming event participants and supporters
    • our optimal projected clientele is international, though our initial market is USA domestic


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Ukumbwa Sauti - moja mediaworks llc Partner/Producer/Event Creator - World Ancestor Concert/Program Developer

medium shot portrait of Ukumbwa Sauti next to a path by a university building

  • Professional Musician/Drummer
  • Media Studies/Video Professor
  • Media Producer/Writer
  • Initiated Dagara Elder

Amie Coomer - moja mediaworks llc Partner/Co-Producer/Artist-Sponsor Liaison/Program Developer

Close-up Portrait of Amie Coomer with headband and black t-shirt

  • Social change activist
  • Children’s/ Parenting Advocate
  • Writer


♦ moja mediaworks - World Ancestor Concert Team Members:


Cindy "WonderWoman" Ma  - Studio Talk Set Host/Production Partner - SHE Living TV

Portrait of Cindy Ma, Host and Founder of SHE Living TV

Cindy Ma, Host and Founder of  SHE Living TV, is a facilitator, translator and bridge between worlds. She grew up as a Chinese-American with a background in health care management and policy. Cindy lived in Shanghai, China for 6 years, where she founded SHE Advisory and SHE Living TV. Cindy and SHE Living TV are now both based in Berkeley, CA. She is a mother of three children, and as such, is primarily concerned for what kind of future they will inherit, and how best to prepare them for it. She sees women and mothers across the world sharing the same concerns, and therefore founded SHE to serve as a media platform and hub, bringing together our collective questions and concerns with experts and visionaries, so we can problem solve together. She is a passionate, heart-centered inquisitor, a nourisher and a reflector, and believer in women to lead the way in restoring balance to our world. 


Quanita Roberson - Consultant/Program Facilitator

Close-up portrait of Quanita Roberson with numerous books in the backgroundPortrait of Quanita Roberson at her TED Talk Cincinnatti audition

Quanita Roberson​ holds a Master’s of Arts at Fielding Graduate University, studying Organizational Management and Development with a concentration in Integral Studies and received her Bachelor of Arts from Wilmington College, studying Organizational Leadership. She is certified in coaching through Fielding Graduate University. She is holds a certification in Embodying Creative Leadership through Growth in Motion and is a wisdom keeper of ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

She specializes in trauma healing, leadership development, equity education, and African American Spirit Coaching. She is a results oriented individual with experience in convening community conversations, healing internal and external conflict, and blending ancient wisdom with contemporary practices. She presented at the NAACP National Convention 2016 on Community/Police Relations. She also served as the keynote speaker for the National Diversity Conference 2016 in Brazil. Quanita has designed and facilitated coaching training program for non-for-profit organizations and has provided one on one coaching and group coaching in 6 different countries over the past 15 years.


Wyoma - Principal Choreographer/Dancer

Portrait of Wyoma, principal choreographer and dancer for World Ancestor ConcertWyoma dancing with joy, arms up, smiling face to the sky

Wyoma is a dance performance artist, teacher, yogini and healer with a playful approach to African dance that allows everyone to find their authentic voice. She enjoys utilizing the arts of dance and music to help promote women's rights and human rights around the world, and to renew and recharge ourselves. Celebrating life through movement, music, and song, Wyoma created the groundbreaking African Healing Dance DVD. Wyoma has conducted workshops throughout the U.S., Europe and Africa and is a Life Coach, consultant and advisor. She offers African Healing Dance Trainings and is a member of Healthy Tomorrow to help abolish FGM. Wyoma has trained with and collaborated with many inspiriting masters—including Katherine Dunham and Babatunde Olatunji. ► Wyoma Dance and Holistic Therapy


Duane deFour - Program Facilitator

Portrait of Duane deFour, activist, media critic, educator and moja mediaworks Team member and Program Facilitator

Duane de Four is an educator, media critic and activist with more than twenty years of experience facilitating interactive, engaging trainings on gender violence prevention, bystander intervention, consent, redefining masculinity and sexual health.

In his time as a public speaker and educator Duane has traveled across the United States educating men and women in all branches of the U.S. Military, each of the “Big 4” North American professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) and NASCAR; as well as middle and high schools, colleges and universities. Duane has also worked internationally training educators at rape prevention programs in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2011, Duane was one of only six Subject Matter Experts selected to train Air Force SARCs (Sexual Assault Response Coordinators) to deliver a groundbreaking bystander intervention curriculum that reached over 600,000 Air Force personnel serving around the world.

When he’s not traveling, Duane is a member of the Massachusetts Governor’s Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, works as a Program Manager for Violence Prevention and Response (VPR)at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), sits on the board of directors at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) and co-facilitates Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts' sexuality education trainings for professionals.



(other prospective team member bios to come)