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Deep Gratitude...

The moja mediaworks Partners and the World Ancestor Concert team would like to thank the people who have been pivotal in supporting our continuing process from the beginning. Born as an idea almost 10 years ago, but given new life just around a year back, this amazing process could not have become what it is without the help, guidance, assistance and support of many people.  This list is, by our humanity, incomplete, yet growing.  We send much love and thanks to all of these amazing people and more.


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hands hold a little plant sprout gently as it grows out of a small handful of earth, text says, "for helping us grow..." and "thank you in numerous languages
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Alan Milner, SCORE

Alwyn Thomas

Betty Burkes

Bill Hulsey, SCORE

Catherine Hoffman

Cindy Ma

Erica Voigt

Glenn Leisching

James Clements

James Weeks

Joann Mirise

Michelle “Micky” Metts

Monica Hinojos

Quanita Roberson

Stuart Agler, SCORE

Tahesha Knapp Christensen


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♦ This is a list of people that have been pivotal in helping us at moja mediaworks create our best possible event in the World Ancestor Concert.  Their inclusion on this list is not an endorsement by them of the content or intent of this website , our on-going communications or the World Ancestor Concert program. moja mediaworks is solely responsible for all content.  And we are deeply grateful for the assistance, input and guidance of all those listed above.