Dismantling Racism for Non-PoC/Non-Indigenous People - 1/3

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  1. Know that feeling helpless as a person of privilege is a privilege.  Sharing that with People of Color and indigenous people does nothing to help the situation and is extremely frustrating to PoC/indigenous people who have no choice but to deal with racism and colonialism all day, every day no matter how they feel about it.  How you feel about racism and colonialism is not more important or more primary than the lived experiences of people who are targeted constantly by racism and colonialism.
  2. Study readily accepted definitions of racism and colonialism as used by People of Color and indigenous people
  3. Know the difference between racism and prejudice.  Don't confuse the two.
  4. Understand what European/white supremacy and privilege is, how it affects you and how your private and public behaviors reflect those pathologies
  5. Don't center your own stories and feelings in conversations about racism and intersectional oppressions.  Learn to be quiet and make space for marginalized voices.  If you cannot do that, you are adding insult and often more injury to already present and historical injury.
  6. Call other European/white people out/in when you hear them speaking in racist/colonial ways. Educate those closest to you. Share helpful posts and information/writing in your social media networks by People of Color and indigenous people.
  7. Don't participate in "tone policing", telling People of Color and indigenous people how they should feel or to stop being angry when you are in conversation or discussion, in their digital or real life spaces.  How people share about their experiences of you or the systems of racism and colonialism is important information for you, no matter how you are feeling in the moment about it.  Learn from their human experience and be humble in conversation and action.
  8. Acknowledge and deal with your discomfort around talking openly about racism, white privilege and oppression.  Do your inner and external community work.  It isn't about you, but you are responsible for dismantling racism and oppressive social and political systems and structures because humanity and justice are important to you.


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We do not suggest that these are the only things or all the best things to be done in the interest of dismantling racism and colonialism, but that this is our offering to the work already going on all over the world, our offering to motivate and activate new workers for justice across the Global Village and create support for those who have made such serious and effective steps in this interest to date. 

We thank all those that came before us that showed us the way to reawaken us to what it means to live in a world of justice, balance, validation and peace.

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Ways to use the above list - 

  1. Read and integrate 1 or more list items into your life each day....every day
  2. Start a discussion group to engage anti-racism work on a group level
  3. Share this page in your social media network, highlighting one or more items to stimulate feedback and conversation
  4. Contact us to book a workshop on any one or more of the items on this list.  We are eager and ready to assist organizations and companies with forwarding anti-racism and anti-oppression work


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