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The World Ancestor Concert is developed as a 3-day televised experience, an empowering concert for the Global Village, celebrating the world’s Ancestors and traditions and shining a light on our theme, Women, Water & Peace. The World Ancestor Concert brings together international and regionally known conscious, progressive and traditional musicians, dance, social justice activists, organizations in a powerful program that has yet to be experienced by a global audience.  We at moja mediaworks and the World Ancestor Concert Team feel in a profound way that now is the time for just this experience.


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moja mediaworks llc is a small, creative, politically conscious and culturally aware organization that believes deeply in the power of music, art and people, cultures grounded in the presence and vision of a world willing to acknowledge its challenges, mistakes, gifts, intellect and strengths.  We express our mission and vision through the World Ancestor Concert event series and related satellite events, through the World Ancestor Village Marketplace and moja marketplace Online Stores presenting our Forward and Dare to Wear design messaging on apparel, drinkware and other products and through our Social Change Workshops and Events, forwarding education, awareness and motivation around issues of racism, colonialism, gender, consent, patriarchy, politics and culture


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Our theme of Women, Water & Peace not only guides the spirit of our World Ancestor Concert event experience, but grounds us in our every day work and engagement across our Global (Social) Media Network. Wyoma, our amazing WAC Team member and Principal Choreographer once said in one of our early organizing meetings, “who can say no to women, water and peace?”.  That powerful sharing spoke to the profound and grounded nature of the important work going on in the world around these elements. The #metoo movement, begun in 2006 by Tarana Burke, the women who gave foundation to Black Lives Matter, the amazing leadership seen at the Unist’ot’en camp, Oceti Sakowin/Standing Rock, the ongoing work of the women of the EZLN, the Green Belt Movement in Africa, the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and the expansive global spread of women’s (WILPF) and LGBTQ organizations and activists all over the world are testimony to the importance of shining a light on the struggles, the fundamental and expansive work of women everywhere. 



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Our focus on water issues is also global, fundamental and essential. So much of our modern, industrial economic and social processes challenge the safety and sovereignty of  Mother Earth’s sacred waters. The urgent problems created by companies like Nestle, Coca-Cola and other water privatizers along with the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and gas/petroleum pipelines like the Keystone XL, Kinder Morgan and Dakota Access Pipelines remind us how important this focus and the great work to protect water is now and into the future.



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And we must continue to shine a light on peace and how it is challenged and also how it is growing in the Global Village. We believe firmly that peace as a concept, as a process must be brought forward in the awareness and narratives and stories of all peoples across the globe. Without the safety and empowerment of women, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, poor and disenfranchised people, without the democratization of clean and protected water resources across the globe…without justice…there will be no peace.


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The Ancestors are the guiding light and inspiration for what we do. The Ancestors have defined and created and carried some of the most powerful cultural ideas and practices since time immemorial forward to our challenging modern world. Every single one of us has indigenous Ancestors who figured out what works over the world’s longest process of “peer-reviewed research”, how to live sustainably with the land and nature, born out of the intimate relationships held with Mother Earth, the animal world, trees, plants, food, conventional natural medicine and sacred waters and Spirit. And though the Ancestors are not perfect, many of them having created and sustained systems of oppression, rebelling against the historical primacy of the divine feminine and interdependent communal life, we are presented with invaluable lessons and guidance from their example. 

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History is personal and we are connected to that history, here and now, feet on the ground, centered in the present.  The Ancestors are watching and want the best for us.  We are dedicated to honoring them and showing them and our children, our future offspring our very best.



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Ukumbwa Sauti,

World Ancestor Concert Producer/Creator,

interviewed by James Milan, ACMI, 2017



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