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We invite you to get to know us here, through looking through the rest of our website, our Global Media Network and by reaching out to us directly.  Be free to contact us at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com.


♦ Mission

  • Produce and present the World Ancestor Concert annually in various strategic cities around the world
  • Create and sustain a web presence through our Global Media Network that supports our Vision and provides an on-going link to WAC programming, merchandisingsocial change workshops and related events and media creations
  • Produce and distribute television and video programming centering on Ancestral traditions, culture, music and storytelling in the interest of peace and social change


♦ Vision

  • Providing a new/old/ancient blueprint on how to be human on earth, reawakening emotional community
  • Rediscover the truth about who we really are as humans, engaging our fullness of heart, body, emotion, spirit and mind
  • Remember the depth and richness of the human story through written and oral herstories
  • Validate the positive movements of social justice work
  • Connect people all over the world to grounded cultural traditions and new and sustainable ways of being, e.g., Circle Work of Quanita Roberson, ritual work of Malidoma Some’ Martin Prechtel
  • Connecting our individual stories to the larger human story so we are not just walking alone together
  • Carry forward the theme of Women, Water & Peace as a fundamental focus for global conversation and action (Organizational Cultural Partners: Bioneers, WILPF, Cultural Survival, etc,...)


♦ Community Involvement

  • Plans to involve the local community include hiring local businesses instead of national chains to fill needs such as catering, lodging, and transportation.



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♦ moja mediaworks llc Partners

Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed 


Portrait of Ukumbwa Sauti, World Ancestor Concert Producer/Creator and moja mediaworks llc Partner

Event Producer/Creator 

  • Program Development
  • Professional Musician
  • Media Studies/Video Professor
  • Media Producer
  • Initiated Dagara Elder


Amie Coomer


Portrait of Amie Coomer, World Ancestor Concert Co-Producer and moja mediaworks llc Partner

Co-Producer/Artist Liaison

  • Artist research
  • Program Development
  • Social change activist
  • Children’s/ Parenting Advocate


♦ World Ancestor Concert Production Team

Teja Arboleda, M.Ed.

Portrait of Teja Arboleda, superimposed over DyNAMC organizational magazine cover with title and, in part, text reading "Men of Excellence"

Television Production Broadcast/Streaming Director, Associate Producer

Producer, Director, Editor, Consultant; Founder and President of Entertaining Diversity, Inc.; Teja Arboleda is an Emmy and Telly award-winning, nationally broadcast and internationally distributed educational, new media, infographics and animation production for television, commercial clients and streaming video platforms.  He is adept in media design and strategizing.  His clients include major broadcast outlets and Inc. 500 companies.


Concert Event Manager [Prospective]


Cindy Ma 

Close-up color portrait of Cindy Ma of SHE Living TV

World Ancestor Concert Studio Host

Cindy Ma, Host and Founder of SHE Living TV, is a facilitator, translator and bridge between worlds. She grew up as a Chinese-American with a background in health care management and policy. Cindy lived in Shanghai, China for 6 years, where she founded SHE Advisory and SHE Living TV. Cindy and SHE Living TV are now both based in Berkeley, CA. She is a mother of three children, and as such, is primarily concerned for what kind of future they will inherit, and how best to prepare them for it. She sees women and mothers across the world sharing the same concerns, and therefore founded SHE to serve as a media platform and hub, bringing together our collective questions and concerns with experts and visionaries, so we can problem solve together. She is a passionate, heart-centered inquisitor, a nourisher and a reflector, and believer in women to lead the way in restoring balance to our world.


Patiño Vazquez

Concert Event Set Designer 



Find out more about our WAC/moja mediaworks Team!


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World Ancestor Concert


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The World Ancestor Concert is developed as a 3-day televised motivational, global healing concert created in part as a celebration of the world’s Ancestors, their traditions and cultures. Powered by internationally and regionally known conscious and traditional musicians and artists, this profound concert event is created to shine a light on the amazing contributions and lives of our Ancestors and the amazing work of their children, the activists and social change organizations that the Concert will feature throughout the event.

Our theme is Women, Water & Peace and gives this important and timely event a focus that is profound and present.

The World Ancestor Concert, though similar in some ways to other musical shows like that of Global Citizen (NYC), Festival in the Desert (Africa) or the Equal Justice Initiative Association’s Concert for Peace and Justice (Alabama, USA) is differentiated and empowered by a number of exceptional elements:

  • multi-cultural programming
  • multi-generational programming, presence and prospective audience
  • multi-hour children’s/youth programming segment
  • Women’s International Drum Summit
  • tributes to Standing Rock water protectors and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
  • Calling of Names – tribute to the Ancestors of the Global Village
  • integrated interview and presentation segments by indigenous and international activists and organizations
  • integrated international viewing party campaign


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♦ Marketplace Online Stores

moja mediaworks manages two full Marketplace Online Stores dedicated to particular design messaging primarily created for t-shirts, other apparel and drinkware.



♦ World Ancestor Village Marketplace

  • World Ancestor Concert event and theme design messaging products
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♦ moja marketplace

  • social justice, culture and environmentalism theme design messaging products
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♦ Social Change Workshops - Events

moja mediaworks has developed and is facilitating an important assemblage of social change and anti-oppression workshops as a sensible and forward-thinking complement to the powerful messaging developed as part of the World Ancestor Concert series.  As a company dedicated to a world of peace and justice and the sustainability and security of our future generations, we know that educational and awareness-raising programs like we have created are a key part of that vision.


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Global Media Network





Blogger - Voices of the Global Village

YouTube - World Ancestor Concert, moja mediaworks

Google +

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