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The World Ancestor Concert

 The World Ancestor Concert is a unique and powerful musical, social and energetic cultural event, based on the unifying context of our global experience of, love and respect for those who have gone before us.

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The World Ancestor Concert is a 3-day televised experience, a veritable healing concert for the world to celebrate the world’s Ancestors and traditions and all their 6.9 billion children.  The concert has been created with the loving intention of  validating the profound tenderness and strength of our humanity, especially important considering the current social climate.

The theme of this inaugural WAC is “Women, Water & Peace”, bringing together international and regional musical artists known for their conscious, meaningful and uplifting music and work in the world. The World Ancestor Concert will present a multi-generational program also featuring important and urgent voices of activists and organizations that support our heartfelt theme.

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♦ Program Elements:

  • Live Televised/Streamed program for Global Distribution
  • Communal Viewing Parties organized worldwide
  • Progressive, conscious music from Internationally & regionally known artists and traditional musicians
  • Social Justice Activists and Organizations illuminating our theme of Women, Water & Peace
  • Tributes to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, the Water Protectors of Standing Rock
  • Calling of Names of past and present Ancestors from all cultures, from the historical to the victims of colonialism and police violence and beyond
  • Women's Drum Summit
  • Blessing of and Dance for the World's Children
  • World Ancestor Village for community connection of attendees from across the Global Village


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Driving Forces (Profiles in Social Activism) - Ukumbwa Sauti interview about the World Ancestor Concert (46:54)



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Defocused image of a skull with a dried rose in its teeth with the copy over it that reads, "The Ancestors do good work.  They invented complex and integrated spiritual systems, sustainable culture and sex.  And another thing...they invented you."
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We have created a deep and visually profound mix of music, dance and cultural expression that features moving poetry, the choreography and dance of internationally known African dancer, healer and activist Wyoma, a tribute to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, a tribute to the Water Protectors of Standing Rock, a women's drum summit led by an internationally known drummer, drum circle leader and teacher, a gorgeous presentation of traditional creation stories and a special blessing ceremony for the children of the world.  

A central and powerful moment will be the Calling of the Names on the second evening of our rich program. It will feature a Calling of the Names of many of the world's Ancestors along with mentions of the events that marked the passing of so many of our Ancestors throughout history.  The World Ancestor Concert is proud to create, shape and present this key part of the program that serves as a momentous unifying focus for the people of the world, all of us to hold space for each other's joy and grief around the lives of those who have come before us and paved the way for the world family to feel and hold their best loving intentions for us from our distant past into our present day.  We at the World Ancestor Concert consider this a pivotal moment for us all to reconcile the difficulties of our lives and embrace anew our best hopes, dreams and work for the kind of world we all want to live in, full of love, respect and compassion.

The World Ancestor Concert is a unique live experience not only for the concert attendees, but also for the projected millions of viewers who will be invited and guided to facilitate family, group and communal viewing parties, highlighted by opportunities to connect with other viewers around the world through the powerful technologies of social media, which we call our Global Media Network.


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Additional World Ancestor Concert Program Features:

  • No bottled water event
  • Multi-generational program for multi-generational audience
  • Our Cultural Philosophy includes: Be human, Empower Women and Girls, Walk the water way, Every tree is a tree of life, Tell Good Stories,…
  • World Ancestor Village - a complex of yurts serving our Global Villagers in attendance for Elders/Youth, Women's gathering, Gender Inclusive, Men's healing, Water focus and the WAC Marketplace vending yurt
  • Concert space and World Ancestor Village are inclusive spaces, though there will understandably be particular spaces for performers, program participants and technical staff, there will be no "VIP" spaces or events.  Mother Earth sees us all equally.


World Ancestor Concert Promotional image of two Asian women sharing a beautiful moment in a peaceful forest stream, text asks, "Who could say no to Women, Water & Peace?"